Cypress Church leaders gather for National Day of Prayer

Courtesy photo Megan Kerr, councilwoman, Long Beach City Council District 5 (5th from left); and Lauren Gallant, senior field representative for U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (3rd from left), present Gary Feldman, M.D, medical director (center); Ioana Pal, Psy.D., (4th from left); Blair Kent, CEO, Miller Children’s & Women’s and Long Beach Medical Center (left); and Yair Katz, chief executive, Miller Children’s & Women’s (2nd from left) with certificates of recognition for the care and support.

A band of hopeful souls comprised of two Cypress City Council Members, Bonnie Peat and Frances Marquez, and various Cypress City Church Leaders and residents, met to pray for our community and country, according to a press release from First Baptist Church in Cypress.

It said the various church leaders met in prayer from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 4th, at the flagpole located by the Cypress City Hall steps.

“They banded together to honor our Nation’s Day of Prayer. All present offered their individual prayers, in addition to holding group prayers for the Lord’s guidance, safety and direction. This special day of reflection is set aside for all people to reflect and pray for a better tomorrow, for a better life, for a better world,” said Pastor Trevor Cooper in a statement.

“With so much sadness, conflict, and tragedy within this world, it is no wonder that people are overwhelmed by so many atrocities and desire a kind of hope that only Jesus Christ can give,” he said.

The City of Cypress is just a small speck in today’s world. But its leaders and community hold dearly to the right of religious freedom; may we all strive to maintain and encourage prayer and hope for a better world for all, he added.