Man arrested following data breach at Los Al Unified

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In a letter to parents this week, the Los Alamitos Unified School District has reported a software data breach of one of the system’s software systems.

According to the memo, no student discipline, attendance, counseling notes, or Special Education information was breached or even attempted access.

“There are absolutely no social security numbers in the Aeries system; therefore, there is no risk that social security information could have been compromised,” according to the memo.

“While there is no evidence your data was misused, the system is required by law to notify our customers whose data may have been subject to unauthorized access,” the memo read.

Dr. Andrew Pulver, LAUSD Superintendent, said the breach apparently occurred after an Eagle Software Aeries Database System update was installed in December. After analysis by experts, the patch has since been updated and all login and other cryptic info such as passwords changed and pushed along to parents and students.
The perpetrator of the breach has been arrested, officials said, and a police investigation is continuing.

Pulver said it is not clear whether the perpetrator was able to retrieve any data from the server, however, it is clear that an attempt was made to do so. Anyone with questions is being urged to contact the systems Director of Information Technology, John Spiratos at (562) 799-4720 or