Rossmoor street resurfacing project set to begin

Rossmoor street surfacing.

Residents in Rossmoor should be vigilant for the next few weeks as the Orange County Public Works Department has announced a significant street resurfacing project that will get underway June 7.

The Rossmoor resurfacing project. Green and brown indicates overlay, while blue indicates slurry seal.
Courtesy illustration

In a letter to Joe Mendoza, General Manager of the Rossmoor Community Services District, OCPW spokesperson Shannon Widor said “we will have crews resurfacing several streets in the Rossmoor Community starting June 7.”

“Due to the nature of the work (grinding and applying a new surface), it will require temporary road/lane closures during the project work hours,” said Widor.

The notification also included a color coded map of the proposed resurfacing project said Mendoza, who said signage is already up throughout the Rossmoor community.”
“We urge citizens to remain vigilant during the project,” said Mendoza, who said this project has been in the works for some time.

“Rossmoor has some of the best roads in the county,” he said, “and we’re very happy to see OC Public Works begin this new resurfacing project.”
OC Public Works said a copy of all notices have also been placed at the Rossmoor Public Library.

Rossmoor street resurfacing project set to begin