Los Al Chamber cuts ribbon for “Top my Workout”

Top workout grand opening.

“Top My Workout” (TMW) opened in Long Beach during November of 2019, and now they have a Los Alamitos location, 10832 Kyle St., Unit D, where the Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce held a Ribbon Cutting during the company’s recent Grand Opening.

Co-owners are Chad Seltzer and Shayline Robancho. The Coaches include Chad Seltzer, Mark Acosta, and Tommy Staup. Their Massage Therapist is Alexander Celik.
They offer Scientific Programming for competitive weightlifting and powerlifting for the Community, which includes in-person and virtual coaching.

“Without either of the values of scientific programming and community, our Barbell Club would not be what it is today,” said the owners. “We thrive off of our athletes’ successes and sense of community and want everyone coming here to feel at home, whether they are here for training or simply want a place to go, Top My Workout is a team and family of ‘lifters’.”

They also have a podcast called, “Top My Podcast” where Coaches Chad, Mark and Tommy discuss a variety of topics ranging from weightlifting and powerlifting to sleep, recovery, and nutrition. “Plus, lots of fun banter.”

Seltzer said that Top My Workout’s mission is to build a community around strength, confidence and results. “We use scientific programming based on cutting-edge research and proven outcomes as a vehicle of our athletes’ results to mold them into a stronger, more confident version of the amazing individual they were when they first joined us.”

All members are referred to as, “Athletes” whether they are competitive athletes or not. “We cater to every level of athlete and to people in all walks of life. This is not your typical open gym concept. We have athletes come in with an expertly-crafted program to tell them what, how, and why they’re training in the capacity they are for the day,” Seltzer explained. “Coaches are on-site at all times to modify programming as needed, give cues for improved form and injury reduction, as well as to keep the TMW machine well-oiled throughout athlete training sessions.”

Coaches keep sessions fun and with high-energy so athletes can perform at their best. “And, did we mention? – we have a lot of fun here.”

Enjoy Gummy Bears? So do the folks at Top My Workout – as that’s their logo – a Gummy Bear. Here’s the Gummy Bear logo story:

Although Candy is generally frowned upon in the fitness world, Top My Workout sees it differently. “Ever feel dizzy, lightheaded, or start yawning even though you felt AMPED at the beginning of your workout? That’s because your body is likely low on glucose,” said Seltzer. “The human body can digest and transport one-gram of glucose/sugar per minute during resistance training, as the body uses glucose to fuel muscles to contract and lift mass. With that in mind, each Gummy Bear, or two, will refuel the body in 60-seconds – so you can ‘Lift on’!”

Hours are Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Closed Sundays.

Top My Workout adheres to all CDC health and safety measures.
For more information, call 562-270-5082.

Los Al Chamber cuts ribbon for “Top my Workout”