Los Al artist Francesca Brayton honored with display at John Wayne Airport

Frances Brayton, of Los Alamitos. Courtesy photo

Francesca Brayton, a Los Alamitos artist has been honored with a personal display of her watercolor work at John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

According Brayton, “my watercolor paintings are derived from sketching on location and using photos I take to add additional details. I travel to Hawaii and Mexico yearly, and elsewhere, creating paintings reflecting my experiences there.”

“I enjoy the designing aspect of painting while filling dozens of sketchbooks with various themes. I sometimes use a border design to add related elements. Often I will add black ink lines over a painting for an impressionistic feel. Bright exaggerated color, line, and patterning are the signature features of my work,” she said.

In an email statement, Brayton said “I use quirky color combinations as in the Paradise Sealife painting series. Being of Hispanic heritage, I sometimes title paintings in Spanish and include Mexican tile patterns. I like painting local Southern California scenes with exaggerated color.”

She said spring is her favorite time of year “when everything has gone wild blooming. I always paint during the various holidays including their iconic symbols. I do love painting doggy portraits and including dogs in scenes. I painted 150 dogs during the pandemic year 2020,” she said.

For more info, www.francescabrayton.com. Contact: francescabrayton@gmail.com.