Rotary honors several groups with grants

Courtesy photo Pictured, l-r, Dave Appling, LAHS Football Foundation; Amy Lakin, CASA; Lina Lumme, The Youth Center and Bob Dominquez, president of the Rotary Club.

For more than 30 years, Precious Life Shelter has been accepting homeless pregnant women needing emergency housing in a safe environment. No state or federal funding is provided to the program.

Ladies accepted have rules and chores to file. Onsite licensed childcare is available. The women may stay up to two years after the birth of their child.

LAEF provides enrichment and educational opportunities throughout the year for students of Los Alamitos Unified School District. Recently they have been focusing on providing a Well Space at intermediate and high schools to support the emotional and mental health of students. They also provide five world language classes for free for elementary students.
The High School Foundation has been providing scholarships for two decades to graduating football players who otherwise may not be able to continue their education goals after graduation.

Courtesy Photo
Pictured, l-r, Sadie Sacks, Moms of OC; Theresa Murphy, Precious Life Shelter; Carrie Logue from LAEF and Bob Dominguez, Rotary President, Moms of OC serves pregnant women in need of medical assistance or help with domestic violence and assistance during childbirth. Their community outreach includes a fathering class and home visits for the women.

CASA provides emergency shelter for youth in the area that are in need of temporary Housing Counseling and mental health support is also available. The goal is reuniting these youngsters with their families and further support.
The Youth Center provides a safe, educational environment for youth after school and during the summer. The focus is currently a new facility on Los Alamitos Blvd. to provide field trips and summer programs.

Grateful Hearts serves the region by providing food, medicine, furniture and personal items for those in need; The jobless, working poor, disabled, elderly and veterans in crisis are welcome. In the first quarter this year, they served 12,000 meals.

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Pictured, l-r, Blair Pietrini, Grateful Hearts; Elizabeth Rubio, We Care and Bob Dominguez, Rotary Club President.

We Care is another agency helping between 20 and 30 families each week, meeting emergency needs of individuals with rental assistance, utility payments, therapy service, food and personal care items. Food Finders gathers surplus food and distributes it to local non-profit organizations that supply meals and groceries to those in need. The group provides food to support thousands of food insecure individuals every week.

Heart of the City also provides food and cheese to the hungry, and clothing, early mornings every 2nd and 3rd

Courtesy photo
Pictured, l-r, Lisa Hoffmaster, Food Finders; Dave Barnes, Heart of the City; Amy Payne, Summer Harvest and Bob Dominquez, Rotary President.

Saturday at the St. Isidore Plaza on Reagan Street and Katella Avenue.
And Summer Harvest provides lunches through local schools during the summer and school breaks. The quality food is offered at low or no cost. The group also provides school supplies and backpacks fof students in need at the start of each school year.