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Parents were upset with LAUSD before hot mic incident

A few weeks ago, letter writer Thomas E. Beck, Esq. (who I hope is not a defense attorney) wrote that because President Richard Nixon used the “F-word,” everyone should move on from Los Alamitos Unified School Board President Marlys Davidson telling a parent “F—k you.” That parent had offered sound reasoning why she felt face masks and vaccines are not good for students. Shortly after telling the parent “F—k you,” Davidson said, “Here we go again” when another parent came up to speak.

Richard Nixon (and other presidents) cursing is meaningless in this discussion. Parents were upset with LAUSD even before this incident, which started with the school district embracing the Marxist Critical Race Theory program. Of course, LAUSD gave it a different name, but it’s Critical Race Theory that says White people are racists simply because their skin is white.

What Ms. Davidson did was notch everything up as many people are disgusted with the entire LAUSD school board. This is why recall petitions are gathering signatures on a daily basis. Ms. Davidson should resign! If she won’t resign, then she should not be president of the board. How can we teach our children responsibility and accountability for their actions when the adults they are supposed to learn from show none? Again, Ms. Davidson (with or without Richard Nixon’s foul language), you must resign.

Millie Bricker

What was the source?

Dear Editor,
I like your weekly newspaper. Today I read one of the longest op-ed articles that I can recall in the News-Enterprise. It was a rah-rah-rah for the disastrous infrastructure bill.
It was an op-ed but it had no name at the start of the article or at the end of the article. Why?
This was very deceiving of the News-Enterprise because it was really not an op-ed but rather a newspaper editorial.
Eleanor Howard

Editor’s Note: The article was submitted by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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