Cypress voters, beware of dark money in this election

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Like most people, I receive many political mailers this time of year. I review the stack suspecting that the most expensive, glossy-green mailers are people who are funded by agendas that I don’t want to vote for. It’s especially frustrating when I cannot tell who is trying to buy my vote.

I recently received two different mailers from a group called “Safe Neighborhoods PAC” in support of Cypress City Council candidates Scott Minikus, Bonnie Peat, and Terry Miller. There doesn’t seem to be any information online about who Safe Neighborhoods PAC is, where they got their money, or what interests they have in Cypress.

I’ve heard the PAC has sponsored political “hit” mailers in Newport Beach. The website with their name indicates they may be in Newport; but it’s ownership is hidden. Anyway, they aren’t local to Cypress. The site is not helpful at disclosing who they are or what they actually do; this type of political funding is “dark money”. One thing I know, is that I won’t be voting for candidates backed by dark money in this election. I want to know who candidates are and who is funding their campaign.

Ed Kraemer