We must protect our God given rights

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

How is “Cultural Experience in America” a new idea? American History has been vitalized by a series of (legal) migrations to this land of opportunity. Not all of us came willingly.

Every generation has its own conflicts and challenges. Characterizing our current ethnic tensions as unique is as fallacious as judging history through the lens of today’s understandings.

I question if the ethnic studies program will genuinely embrace the array of cultures in our nation, including those of European ancestry. Euphemisms like “diversity” initially sound positive but are too often a disguise for swapping one prejudice for another.

Will our students learn that America’s Founding Fathers were profoundly gifted and dedicated? It is necessary to be proud of our forebearers, but it is also essential that students are taught to respect the country we live in, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our traditional Judeo-Christian principles.

If the Cultural Experience in America course places our heroes and heads-of state-in a critical, negative light, this will cause erosion of respect in our society and disintegration of our Republic.

We have come too far on this road already. Let us be vigilant and protect our God-given rights.


Diane Rush


We must protect our God given rights