Something we can agree on


Dear Editor,

This is my response to article Letters to the Editor in Event-News-Enterprise March 3-2021 (from Robin Itzler and Glenn Kovanda).

It was interesting for me to read the responses from Robin Itzler and Glenn Kovanda to my Opinion Article published in the ENE on February 24, 2021. I will try to make my response to these articles short. I, of course, disagree almost 100% with your responses, but both of you and millions of others who adore Donald Trump, most definitely know this would be my opinion. Except for the final paragraph of the article by Robin Itzler, this 1st opinion article does correctly document many statements made by prominent Republican politicians recently. When Donald Trump speaks, you gaze in awe of him and believe everything he says wholeheartedly. I would like to mention other very famous, or should I say infamous, leaders, but present and past, who have mesmerized their followers in other countries, but you would disagree with me when I say that Donald Trump is adapting techniques that are used in their playbooks. No need to state their names. One, in particular, was horrific, but you, most certainly, would disagree that there would be any comparison of Donald Trump to that one.

So, to change the subject, I would like to mention, probably to your surprise, that there is almost definitely something that we can agree upon. YES THERE IS! And that is the Event-News-Enterprise for their willingness to publish our articles. Maybe when the editor published the first political opinion article on February 3 by Nancy Hancock of the West Orange County RWF after such an absence of these articles, it could have been to obtain more readership for this paper. That is only a guess on my part. But, in retrospect, I am certain that is what has been the result. There are so many interesting stories pertaining to local issues and events in our local communities that are not published anywhere else and all of us most certainly agree on this. I take many walks through our local communities and it is disappointing for me to see so many ENE papers on our sidewalks untouched and eventually trashed. There is so much good news, and, of course, local advertisements in the ENE. The Event-New-Enterprise is to be praised by all of us. If only there was a way for many others in our community to be as enthused as we, the readers of this great throw-away-paper, are.


Art Oster




Something we can agree on