Rossmoor Tree clarification

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the article on the involved process for the Schmidts to secure removal and replacement of two trees.

There is one main point that I believe needs clarification and another editing matter that may need correction.

The 3rd paragraph states the trees in question were located “in the front yard” of the Schmidt home. Nowhere in the article is it stated that these are parkway trees, although about 2/3 of way through the article there is a line “24-inch trees would be less threatening to the parkway.”

As a 30-year resident of Rossmoor, it has always been my understanding that the RCSD and their arborist only have jurisdiction over trees in parks and parkway strips, but not over trees ‘in the front yard’. If I’m wrong about that, I’d like to have Ms. Kingman consult on some of the trees on my property- but I think she doesn’t routinely offer her services to the homeowners.

The editing/proofread issue I wonder about is in the 2 paragraphs near the end of the article referring to “rapid tree growth in 2021” and in following paragraph “During 2021…” tree statistics which seem like they probably come from a completed year and not just since 1/1/21.

Hey, we’d all like to forget 2020, but that doesn’t mean we can edit it away.

Jeff Teal


Rossmoor Tree clarification