Rossmoor Beware



The Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD) under President Jeff Barke is attempting a backdoor run to expand its powers without community voice or vote!

At a “special” called meeting Feb 24 without advanced notification, RCSD approved by a vote of 4 yes 1 no (Director Searles voted against) to endorse Assembly Woman Janet Nguyen introducing a bill in the State Legislature giving the RCSD the authority to expand its own powers! These powers can include law enforcement, animal control, trash collection, etc., all under the guise of local control! There was never a discussion as to the cost to homeowners to pay for these extra services now provided by the County. Remember in 2008 with the effort by Supervisor Moorlach to Incorporate Rossmoor as our own city, the cost to the residents then was a 9% utility tax (15-20% today).

Now the RCSD instead of going through the standard and equitable process of seeking approval through LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Committee) they have found another tactic by going directly to the State Legislature for approval without community input. And the sole authority to add these powers will then lie in the hands of the 3-member majority of the 5-member RCSD Board. President Barke, in promoting the decision stated, “Just because we have the power doesn’t mean we will exercise it”! Really???

Thanks to the Volunteer Rossmoor Homeowners Association (RHA) for their strong objection to this clandestine like move without regard to the impact on the community. RHA has always been the voice of the community and we need them now more than ever!

Del Clark




Rossmoor Beware