Readers respond to election letters, editorial policy


Editor’s Note: The following policy was instituted starting in September, as announced in the print edition of the Event-News Enterprise. Readers responded below.

Event-News Enterprise election editorial, letters policy

From now until the election on Nov. 6, the Event-News Enterprise will adhere to the following editorial policy for Letters to the Editor and guest editorials. Any letters or guest editorials that are political in nature, candidate endorsements or election related will be posted online, but they will not be published in the print editions. Letters and editorials will be posted online only after the author has been verified and under no circumstances should they contain any libelous statements. The Event-News Enterprise reserves the right to edit any submission. Editorial submissions should be limited to 400-500 words. Letters and editorial submissions can be sent to editor Ted Apodaca at Mail: Event-News Enterprise, P.O. Box 1010, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, for consideration. Alternatively, advertising for political content can be purchased by contacting Sue Onyan at 562-251-6626 or


Readers of the Event News-Enterprise beware

Dear Editor,

Last week there was a notice in the Event News-Enterprise informing readers that the only information we’ll be reading about in the paper regarding issues on November’s ballot will be paid for. Only groups bankrolling local initiatives, like Melia Homes will be doing for Measure M for the School District and candidates that have developer and big business backers will get in the print edition. Any other comments submitted regarding November ballot issues will be restricted to their on-line edition. The lack of an alternative voice in print will give the impression that there is no alternative voice. Very sad. This action is against the voice of the residents, especially many seniors and others that don’t have on-line access.

George Pardon



Please re-open this forum

The Event-News Enterprise has not, to my knowledge, explained why it bars from the print version of the paper political letters. Please re-open this forum to free debate about the issues that concern us all.

Henry J. Josefsberg, Esq.

Los Alamitos


Disappointing policy

I was very disappointed to read that the Event-News Enterprise would no longer be publishing opinions related to candidates running in the upcoming election in November. Yes, I know, we can go online and try and navigate your website. It would seem to me that this is the most important time to have discussion and share opinions regarding those we are considering for leadership within our city’s governance. Mind you, I do respect that the editor has the right to deem printed opinions appropriate and informative, opposed to those intended to defame or be vulgar.

I would think that enlightening voters that a candidate running for office was say, involved in bankrupting a city for personal gains, or perhaps is involved with a lack of transparency regarding the city’s funding would be important information. Perhaps a candidate’s statement appeared in a local paper that would be missing some very key information about them – again let’s say, a racial or derogatory email was sent out by them in their past as a city leader, making the national news, which perhaps made the city appear as racist and/or ignorant. These kinds of things would make me want to know more about them or an issue, before I gave them the baton to rule the kingdom for 4 years.

I am sure that I am not the only one who is bombarded by the media by way of robo calls, surveys, statements and ads re: candidates running for office up to the day I vote. Why should our local candidates, governance, bonds and issues be any less important to read about? Why are we silenced from such vital issues pertaining to us when it seems most important to be informed? I WANT TO KNOW!

Barbara Josefsberg

Los Alamitos


Paper hurts itself with limited election info

Dear Editor,

Can you imagine the laughter that would be heard if newspapers such as Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register announced that for the duration of the midterm election, they would not print anything related to the election – it would all be online?

The entire purpose of having a local newspaper is for the community to receive coverage on local issues and political representatives that larger newspapers tend to ignore. The Times and Register newspapers are not going to cover candidates running for city council, issues that affect our cities and politicians representing these districts in Sacramento or D.C.

Perhaps the Event-News Enterprise is worried about the need for more space to properly present both sides of issues, publish all letters to the editor and showcase political events. One solution could be to move some regular columns (that I enjoy reading) online just for the next few weeks. For example:

  • Police blotter
  • Veterans Voices
  • Faith columns
  • Teditorial

This would just be for five or six issues. By expanding local political coverage, it could even encourage more people to read the newspaper rather than let it sit on driveways until trash day. The way it is now, without political news during this very important election cycle, the Event-News Enterprise seems more like a junior high school newspaper than a respected local community print publication.

Robin Itzler


Readers respond to election letters, editorial policy