“Misplaced” backpack triggers alarms at Los Al High School

Update on reopening plan.

A “suspicious” backpack found by the school resource officer caused a brief of chaos at Los Alamitos High School early Thursday morning.

School officials quickly evacuated the school and motorists in the area were diverted around the school as police and other law enforcement officials were called in to investigate.

In a statement shortly after the incident, LAUSD Supt. Andrew Pulver said “this (Thursday) morning, an unclaimed backpack was found in the School Resource Office near the main office at the High School.
Based upon the recommendation of Los Alamitos Police Department, we have evacuated the campus to the designated safety evacuation area on the fields.”

He noted that the Los Alamitos Police Department was then investigating the backpack and contents.

“Students and staff are safe in the evacuated area,” said Pulver immediately following the evacuation order was given.

Pulver later noted that the all clear had been given two hours after the initial incident.

“It was a misplaced backpack that caused concern but has been deemed by law enforcement to pose no threat” the school or the students, said Pulver. Following the brief evacuation, school continued as normal.