Letters to the Editor Sept. 14

Letter to the Editor

The Recent “Standing Up for Cypress” full page PR piece does not address the specific issues which the Cypress citizenry finds “disenfranchising”.
We have seen the dumping garbage next door to residential properties event: and the council doing everything in its power to protect their territories from districting by simply saying there is no support for districting. Put it on the ballot. Further on this issue, it is the Cypress-at-large voting system that gives us the current City Council. How did that happen? Would the Council be in this much turmoil if we had districting?
Now to fuel an already volatile fire, a City Council member who is termed out of the Council is going to swap positions with his wife running for City Council. Ok, it may not be illegal, but it’s certainly a conflict of interest, given the recent events. I am sorry to have to contradict the recent message to the citizens of Cypress, but you folks are not standing up for me. I repeat myself, put redistricting on the ballot.
Claire Bourke

Well done on the article
Dear Mr. Young,
An article about me appeared in your September 7 issue. I wanted to compliment you & your staff on a well-done publication. Your reporter was diligent in their research & very accurate in reflecting my background in a concise fashion, which was refreshing.
Thank you for the Standard of Excellence you have established.
All the Best,
Jim Markel
Retired Capt., U.S. Air Force
Winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross

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