Dreams come true for 72-year-old Borsh Deli owner

Photo by Lina Lumme (L-R) Co-owner George Hajian, Chef Karen Hajian and Chef Sergei of Borsh Deli

By Lina Lumme, for the Event News Enterprise.

Following your dreams is not too late at any age. Karin Hajian, the co-owner of the Borsh Deli in Los Alamitos, pursued her dream after she retired from a 40-year career in nursing. Karen always cooked at home for her family and friends and was always told that she should have her own restaurant one day. When Karen turned 72, she opened Borsh Deli with the help of her husband George Hajian.

George has been a part of Los Alamitos for over 35 years and shared the world of Antique with OC and LA county residents. His love for art and Karen’s love for Eastern-european cuisine became the foundation for Borsh Deli.

When you enter the deli, you can’t help but enjoy the art on every wall of the deli, the flowers on every table, the statue based on Malevich painting, the original master wood artwork from a 500 year-old tree, and the display of authentic products from every county in Eastern Europe. The menu that Karen crafted includes the most popular dishes that can give you a true taste of Eastern European cuisine. From soups like Borsh, Cauliflower Soup, Chicken Mushroom to traditional salads like Georgian, Stolichni, and Vinegret. The most popular dishes they sell include pelmeni, stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage, piroshki, beef cutlets, and more. If you have a sweet tooth, there are lots of desserts that are changing weekly. Don’t forget to try their dadu ice-cream that tastes heavenly and comes in different flavors like black currant, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, carmel, almond, and more.

This family-owned deli is a true jewel in Los Alamitos Community. Customers are coming from all over Southern California to try the amazing food they offer. You can understand why they have a 5-star review on Yelp and Google.

“The food from Borsh Deli reminds me of my grandma’s dishes. Our house always smelled so good”, shared Sarkis, from Norm’s Automotive and a regular customer of Borsh Deli. “I buy piroshki for my team at Norms and they always enjoy it”.
If you have any questions, please visit www.BorshDeli.com or call 562-446-0704. The deli is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am – 7 pm and and Sunday from 11am – 3 pm.