Cypress makes appointments in first 2023 meeting

Cypress City Council makes appointments at first meeting of 2023. Courtesy photo

New year; new council and staff; new appointments and bills. These make up the top items discussed in Cypress so far as the city settles into 2023.
And not to mention the city’s unofficial newly adopted mascot, Snowy, whom has created a nationwide hoot across internet and media outlets.

A head-scratcher for animal scientists, Snowy, an owl reportedly belonging in the arctic, flocked to the SoCal community over the Christmas holiday.

Remaining in the Cypress neighborhood until recently, Mayor Anne Hertz-Mallari gifted plush white owls as a token of wisdom and luck for the new leaders of Cypress.
“The snowy owl is considered a symbol of wisdom. And I think that’s a perfect analogy for the role of our city council,” said the newly elected Cypress mayor.

Using the sentiment to proceed with optimism, business matters concluded in the Jan. 9 meeting with recognition of national law enforcement day, new staff introductions, and appointment recommendations.

Across the country, on January 9 each year, community members gather to show support on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Cypress council leaders showed unity with their police department by dressing up in blue, and inviting Police Chief Lauderback to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
“They are the guardians of our way of life, and deserve our support,” said Mayor Hertz-Mallari.

Meanwhile, Finance Director Matt Director welcomed in Raisa Sanusi as the new network administrator for IT services in the finance department. Within public works, Director Doug Dancs welcomed Daniel Cole as the new assistant city engineer. In regard to Coles recruitment, Dancs says: “I think we’re very fortunate to have stole him from Irwindale where he held the same position over there.”

The next order of business included the city council’s appointment to organizations and committees. With the council starting on a fresh slate this year, Mayor Hertz-Mallari took time to explain to new members the procedure behind appointment assignments.

Specifically, Mayor Hertz-Mallari explained the “reasoning regarding the appointments,” and said that they “are done with a lot of intention and thought behind them.”
Assigned by the discretion of the mayor, the list of recommended committee positions is reorganized annually and voted into motion by the rest of council.

The full list of committee assignments that were voted unanimously by council members is bulleted below, courtesy of city documents:

Cypress Compensated Committee Appointments
• Orange County Fire Authority: Anne Hertz- Mallari
• Orange County Mosquito & Vector Control District (2-year Term ending Jan. 2024): Scott Minikus
• Orange County Sanitation District: Bonnie Peat
Non compensated Committee Appointments
• Bridges at Kraemer Place Community Advisory Board: David Burke
• City/Anaheim Union High School District Ad Hoc Subcommittee: Anne Hertz- Mallari and Scott minikus
• City/Cypress College Ad Hoc Committee: Anne Hertz-Mallari, and Bonnie Peat
• City/Cypress School District Ad Hoc Subcommittee:David Burke/ Anne Hertz-Mallari
• Economic Development Ad Hoc Subcommittee: Anne Hertz Mallari, and Bonnie Peat
• Joint Forces Training Base Cities Group: Scott Minikus, Frances Marqeuz (ALTERNATE)
• League of California Cities/General Assembly:Anne Hertz-Mallari – Representative Scott Minikus – Alternate
• League of California Cities/OC Division: Anne Hertz-Mallari – Representative Scott Minikus- Alternate
• Orange County City Selection Committee: Anne Hertz-Mallari – Representative Scott Minikus- alternate
• Orange County Council of Governments General Assembly: Anne Hertz-Mallari – Representative Scott Minikus- Alternate
• Orange County Library Advisory Board (2-year Term ending Jan. 2025): David Burke Bonnie peat (Alternate)
• Santa Ana River Flood Protection Agency: Frances marquez, Bonnie Peat (Alternate)
• Southern California Association of Governments – General Assembly: Scott Minikus, David burke (Alternate)
• Veteran Recognition Ad Hoc Subcommittee: Frances Marquez and Scott Minikus