Clean Wave Express opens on site of former Rossmoor Car Wash

Clean Wave Express is the new car wash rebuilt on the site of Rossmoor Car Wash. Photo by Andrew Ficke

After more than six decades in business, the fabled Rossmoor Car Wash has been transformed into the Clean Wave Express, a state-of-the-art modern, express exterior car wash that promises super clean vehicles using next generation automation.

Brad Hooper, the former owner/operator of the Rossmoor Car Wash, leads an investment partnership that has made significant investments in technology to reopen the site. Hooper had announced in February of 2020 that the legendary full-service car wash was closing, yet promising RCW would be rebuilt.

The partnership, which also includes Brian Leibl, George Voigt and Will Mangram, has invested in the latest advanced automation technology available, said Hooper. The Clean Wave Express includes integrated technological enhancements such as license plate camera recognition, a surface belt conveyor and an assortment of sensor-driven computerized performance equipment, he said.

Clean Wave Express at the intersection of Katella Ave. and Los Al Boulevard. Photo by Andrew Ficke.

The partners chose the express exterior format because the process provides an opportunity for customers to receive “a high-quality car wash in a short amount of time,” said Hooper.

“If you would have told me 10 years ago that we can get a shiny and wax protected car that is super dry, with tires dressed without anyone touching the vehicle, I would have told you it was impossible.”

“Well, it is not impossible, and our investment is really paying off as we continue to dial everything in,” said Hooper, noting that the new facility’s layered, Ceramic X-3 fusion wash process is the latest industry innovation.

The former owner and nationally known carwash expert said he was gratified to see the site remain a carwash. Also, Hooper said he was fortunate to have investors step in to acquire state-of-the-art equipment for the Clean Wave Express.

The new age Ceramic X-3 coating is a three-step layering process of bonding at a molecular level that forms a durable shield resistant to dirt, bird droppings, contaminants, and water. The layering process provides superior hydrophobic water repellency and a longer-lasting shine, according to the manufacturer.

Clean Wave Express uses the most advanced technology available from Sonny’s Carwash Chemistry, the best-in class carwash equipment manufacturer in America.

Automation and intelligent software guide vehicles through Clean Wave Express.
Photo by Andrew Ficke

Advanced robotics and other software inclusions give the new carwash the feel of a massage for vehicles, as the giant rollers sense the outer body of the car and squirt and brush the dirt away. Soft, intertwined brushes gently rub the tires to clean and coat them with TireShine as the vehicle emerges shined and ready for the road.

And, while super friendly employees are available to guide and assist guests, the entire process is automated. Clean Wave Express offers free vacuum stalls, which are available for guests wishing to give their car an express vacuum treatment prior to exiting.

“As someone coming from outside the industry myself, I had no idea the amount of computers and technology that is behind the scenes,” said Voigt.

“It is really amazing that our regular customers never have to even open their window or interact with anyone should they so desire as our technology recognizes their car and our gates open up automatically,” he added.

According to Leibl, the Clean Wave Express is the only carwash in the local marketplace that has invested heavily in the technical precision necessary to produce an automated wash of high quality. “This starts with our soft polymer surface conveyor to pull vehicles through and ends with the Ceramic X-3 process,” he said.

“This is our $20 Ultimate Protection and Shine,” package, said Leibl, “and it’s worth every penny of it.”

Moreover, Leibl said “the great value proposition at our express wash is focused on the Unlimited Wash program,” a club program that offers plans and prices for repeat customers.

“Our grand opening offer is the best deal we will ever offer: It is simply $24.99 for the first month and $34.99 per month for all of 2021 for the $20 top wash package and you can literally come every day. It’s a fantastic deal,” he said.

“We envision the vast majority of our customers will never pay full price for a car wash,” said Leibl.

Clean Wave Express has been designated as a West Coast “showcase site” that the partners say the equipment manufacturer will use to demonstrate its advanced technology to others around the country.

The partners say they are excited not only about showcasing the new technology, but also the chance to do good for the community. They said Clean Wave Express will collaborate on fundraising efforts for a variety of area causes and nonprofits.

Already, said Voigt, Clean Wave Express has scheduled a February fundraising campaign with the Los Alamitos Educational Foundation (LAEF), the nonprofit partner of the Los Alamitos Unified School system.

“The investors are all community members, our kids have gone through the local school systems and we want to give back,” said Voigt.

The Clean Wave Express opened the first week of December at the site of the former Rossmoor Car Wash near the intersection of Katella Ave. and Los Al Boulevard in Los Alamitos.