Captain Jack’s gets new sign in Sunset Beach

Veteran chef Jack Hernandez under the new sign at Captain Jack's. Courtesy photo

By Chris MacDonald

Captain Jack’s in Sunset Beach has a new rooftop sign. Chef Jack Hernandez, who has been there over 52 years, said this is the third sign they have had in more than 57 years at the Pacific Coast Highway & Broadway location. “I love the nostalgic look of the sign.

It fits right in with the nautical theme established by Jack Haley,” said the Sunset Beach Resident.

“The locals that come to our bar contribute the slogans that you see on the sign,” said Tim Haley, co-owner of Captain Jack’s. “The messages honor our guests birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and community announcements.”

Their old sign honored Jack Haley Jr. and his 1996 Chicago Bulls basketball team that won the NBA Championship.

Carolyn Faber of Long Beach recently had her birthday celebration on it. Kristi Faber Vento said her mom has been friends of the Haley’s since College and was so excited and surprised to read the congratulatory message. James Griffin, President of the Sunset Beach Business Association, said, “The new sign will definitely draw attention to attract clients as it really stands out and of course all the regulars who love Captain Jack’s are the best advertisement as they tell everyone about the popular restaurant.”

Bill Anderson of Anderson Art Gallery next to the sign, said, “Captain Jack’s is a historic landmark in Sunset Beach as well as a highly recognized place to eat outstanding food. When people ask, where is your gallery? I say next to Captain Jack’s on PCH and they all know where that is. Billy Fuller of Beach Music, also a neighboring business, said, “I love the sign.and I especially like the way the sign designer attached the words separately from the background. I think it looks very sharp and makes the whole sign pop.” Mike Van Voorhis, Chairman of the Huntington Harbour Commission, said, “The new sign looks good. I always look forward to reading the messages. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes heart warming & sometimes simply clever. It’s rare that a restaurant is still going strong after 57 years of the same ownership. Captain Jack’s is one of our town’s treasures.”