Byerly departs Los Al to become Signal Hill Police Chief

Courtesy photo Outgoing police Capt. Wayne Byerly addresses the public after the City Council and Los Al Police officials presented the outgoing police captain with awards memorializing his three years of service with the department.

The Los Al Police Department and the City Council said its goodbyes to three-year Capt. Wayne Byerly, who has been selected to become the Chief of Police of the Signal Hill Police Department.

Los Al Chief Michael Claborn said Byerly has been with the department for three years. Before then, Capt. Byerly started his career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, where he was employed for 32 years.

When he joined the Los Al Department, he said Byerly “brought all of the knowledge and experience that he received with a large organization” to the department, Ironically, he said Byerly had performed a “ride-along” with the Los Al PD before joining the Sheriff’s Office and so it was fortuitous when he returned three years ago.

“And so now we have this opportunity for him to move on and we are so thankful for his service,” Claborn told the Council. “Being a small organization like we are, the command staff has to work very closely together, the police chief said.

“He single-handedly handled all the rebranding of the organization,” Claborn said of Byerly, “and he is an integral part of the success of this organization and I’m extremely thankful for him.” “We’ve been blessed to have him, and we’ll miss him,” he added.

Byerly thanked the Chief and the Council, along with City Manager Chet Simmons for all of the support he’s received at the city.
Just like coming back to Los Al was a full-circle moment, Signal Hill is also closing a loop for him, “but Los Al has been great.”

“Having the opportunity to be the chief at Signal Hill is a great opportunity,” said Byerly. “I actually attended explorer meetings there back when I was in high school, so it’s kind of another circle that’s coming to fruition here.”

“I’ve been welcomed with open arms by everybody and the things that we were able to accomplish,” he suggested, including “through COVID and Measure Y, just all the challenges.”

“It starts when you have a city council that completely supports the police department and everything we do so thank you for that. Next you have to have a really good city manager. And I tell you, Chet Simmons is fantastic. He’s never said no to me every time I wanted to spend money.

Anyways, in the end, to the phenomenal city team, my pals here, just what a great team. I always say you guys get things done with duct tape and zip ties, and a lot of hard work,” he said, “and that is the truth.”