Supervisor Foley visits Rossmoor

2nd District Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley.

After just over three months in office, Supervisor Katrina Foley appeared at the Rossmoor Community Services District last week to provide the community with an update of her activities since being elected.

“I just wanted to give you a real quick overview on what I’ve been working on in the last 100 days,” Foley told the RCSD Board of Directors during their August meeting.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the residents of Rossmoor and working with your team,” she added.

Foley said her office has already attended more than 20 Chamber of Commerce meetings, town hall workshops and given out numerous certificates in support of her District’s business community.

Moreover, she said each district supervisor has been issued more than $2 million to support pandemic related food insecurity, so she is asking any organization with feeding capacity to contact her office.

“If you have community needs or programs in place that are already running, please reach out to our office because we will be soon announcing our grant recipients,” said Foley.

In addition, the 2nd District Supervisor complimented the entire community of Rossmoor, apparently being among the first to achieve so-called “herd immunity” with COVID-19 vaccinations.

“I want to compliment the community of Rossmoor,” said Foley, “because you are at 75 percent in terms of vaccination rate, which is very good and definitely herd immunity.”

“That’s very good,” said Foley, “and just so you know, the health of your community will be more protected.”

Foley said her visit to Rossmoor was part of her active engagement with the communities she serves. The 2nd District Supervisor invited citizens within Rossmoor to submit items for their office newsletter and Foley said she enjoys working with General Manager Joe Mendoza and the staff of the RCSD.

Moreover, Foley said she has started a “roundtable” of community leaders, she electronically meets with the mayors within the district each week and has invited all “elected” within the district to a zoom call.

“Our job is to support the community and to support you, as elected officials to get your initiatives accomplished,” Foley told the Rossmoor Directors.

She also invited everyone to attend a redistricting meeting, a process by which new district lines will be drawn. After all is said and done regarding redistricting, “I do hope to continue representing Rossmoor.”









Supervisor Foley visits Rossmoor