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The Weekly Crime Summary is a list of significant reported crimes and other related activities occurring in the City of Los Alamitos. A vigilant and well-informed public begets fewer targets for criminals.

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Call the police to report suspicious activity.

In the City of Los Alamitos dial: 562-594-7232 for 24-Hour Service; 911 for emergency.

Note: Hundred blocks given in place of exact address.


June 25

Identity theft – 10:15 a.m. – 4100 block of Howard Ave.

Caller reported that a suspect used his identity to rent an apartment. The caller is in contact with the property manager, where the suspected fraud occurred. The building is located in Hawthorne and the caller was provided with an incident number. The fee was for early lease termination. The caller was counseled.

Petty theft – 8:19 p.m. – 11000 block of Los Alamitos Blvd.

Caller observed someone run out of the store with items and observed employees chasing them. The suspects got into a white Honda and the caller had a license plate number. The caller had observed the incident 10 minutes prior before a call came in from Vons regarding the theft. A vehicle VIN number check showed the vehicle to be a Honda Civic LX. A report was taken.

Disturbing subject – 11:32 p.m. – 11000 block of Los Alamitos Blvd.

The caller reported that two females were in an altercation and were possibly going to fight. The caller reported that both females appeared to be under the influence and were now heading to the parking lot. The caller then corrected the report that the two females were together and were attempting to fight with the bartender. The two subjects were last seen running towards the alley. The caller did not want to be contacted by patrol. He just wanted them to leave and they did. Patrol checked the area, but the subjects were gone upon arrival.



June 25

Petty theft – 1:22 p.m. – 7800 block of Walker St.

Caller reported a bicycle taken from the community center in the last couple of hours. The bicycle was a grey and red men’s Mongoose. The caller’s mom had said she possibly observed the bike in the area of the donut shop at Valley View and La Palma with a transient. The suspect was described as a male Hispanic, with spikey hair and a white tank to and blue shorts. A patrol check of the area located the bicycle and made contact with the caller’s mom. No report was desired and the bike was recovered.


June 27

Trespassing – 5:19 p.m. – 7800 block of Valley View

The caller was reported a male subject in the business, which the caller was requesting to leave. The subject was described as male, possibly Indian, wearing jeans and a blue shirt. The caller did not know if the subject had any weapons or was under the influence. The business checked out ok and the caller reported that the subject had left the building. Patrol checked the area and it checked out ok. The caller did not desire a report.

Suspicious circumstances – 9:11 p.m. – Crescent Ave./Walker St.

The caller reported seeing a group of people with flashlights by Kington when she was out walking her dog. When the caller passed by, the group turned off the flashlights and went silent. The caller was requesting a patrol check of the area. Patrol checked the area and was unable to locate the group, which was gone upon arrival.




June 21

Transient—8:20 a.m.—6400 Dominica Ave.

A female transient was sitting on someone’s front porch, possibly under the influence. She was screaming and scaring the caller’s daughter. Units responded and transported the female.

Fight—2:28 p.m.—Forex Cargo OC/6056 Lincoln Ave.

Three or four males were fighting in front of the business. They eventually stopped being physical, but were still verbally altercating. When police arrived, they were cooperative. Half of them were gone on arrival. The incident was logged.

Welfare check—3:09 p.m.—Katella Ave./Los Alamitos Blvd.

Multiple people called to report that a man who seemed disoriented was running in the street. Police caught up with him and assisted him.

Petty theft—3:53 p.m.—Cypress College/9200 Valley View St.

Police caught and arrested a man who had been in the act of committing a theft.

Family disturbance—7:40 p.m.—4331 Nestle Ave.

A father and son were fighting. The son was under the influence. Police responded, but the son had left to his grandmother’s house for the night. Later the son came back though, and locked himself in the bathroom. Police responded, a cab was called for the son, and the son left to Long Beach.

Animal welfare check—8:11 p.m.—4100 Avenida Sevilla

A caller reported that nearby, one dog was inside and one had been outside all day barking, and that this was unusual. Police spoke to the homeowner, who said that she was dog sitting for her daughter and that her dogs were adjusting to staying at the residence.

Welfare check—11:04 p.m.—4791 New York Ave.

The caller heard a man in a car crying and saying “Don’t hurt me please.” Police checked, and the altercation was verbal only.

Unknown trouble—11:39 p.m.—4385-362 Casa Grande Cir.

A female was heard crying hysterically. It was found to be a verbal altercation between a husband and wife. Police assisted.

June 22

Burglary alarm—1:46 a.m.—5995 Katella Ave.

A burglary alarm was going off at a business. The business was closed. Police arrived and had contact with one individual. Ecolab personnel was working, and the subject checked, as he had keys and a schedule to show he was supposed to be there.

Burglary report—3:07 a.m.—5201-161 Lincoln Ave.

A woman awoke to find men in her house. They got away, but had taken $300 cash and a wallet containing credit and debit cards and IDs.

Disturbing subject—7:24 a.m.—no location given

A male and female were being verbally aggressive towards one another in front of a school. Police responded, and confirmed that the altercation was verbal only.

Disturbance—8:35 a.m.—5292-2 Bishop St.

A male and his sister who had recently moved in were slamming doors and yelling at each other. Police arrived and the sister had left already. The man explained that they had been arguing over bills.

Suspicious person—8:40 a.m.—6125 Jeffrey Mark St.

A man was looking into windows of residences and looking at meters. The reporting party said the man was possibly attempting to make it look like he was a city employee. Police responded and found the man to be a SoCalGas employee.

Civil issue—1:28 p.m.—10191 Aqueduct Dr.

A female had left her camera in a friend’s car, and when it was returned to her, it was damaged. A report was taken.

Burglary report—2:38 p.m.—9708 Ravari Dr.

An individual got home to find that a front window of the house was broken. Police responded, cleared the interior and exterior of the house, and found that approximately $20,000 in jewelry had been stolen.

Health and safety violation—6:56 p.m.—Rosen Acacia Park/5681 Newman St.

Two young males were possibly smoking marijuana in the park. Police responded, found that no further assistance was needed, and counseled the subjects and had them leave the area.

June 23

Suspicious person—8:37 a.m.—4861 Lincoln

Carlos Alberto Canul was arrested for a health and safety violation after a woman unfamiliar with him found him on her patio, sitting in a chair and then lying down.

Reckless driver—10:25 a.m.—9200 Valley View St.

Two Dodge trucks were driving recklessly around the swap meet doing burnouts. They were issued citations.

Family disturbance—3:04 p.m.—8671-9 Walker St.

A woman called to report that her daughter’s boyfriend was threatening her daughter. He had no weapons, but was possibly under the influence of methamphetamine, cocaine and Xanax. The female suddenly stopped responding, and both females could be heard screaming. Police and fire and medics both responded, assisted, and took the man into custody.

Illegal peddler—3:37 p.m.—6835 Katella Ave.

A young man was attempting to sell discount cards in a parking lot, stating he goes to school in Los Alamitos, but was selling cards for a Garden Grove school. The reporting party thought the subject looked like a homeless juvenile. Police were unable to locate him.


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