Oak Middle School introduces “Battlebots” robotics curriculum

Courtesy photo LtoR – Oak Middle School Robotics Kaden Suffel, Liam Brooks, and Aiden Rodriguez.

Oak Middle School in the Los Alamitos Unified School District is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new robotics curriculum that brings the world of combat robots directly into the classroom, drawing inspiration from the widely popular TV show, “Battlebots”.

Courtesy photo
LtoR – Oak Middle School Robotics students Tahira Bennett and Amelie (Ami) Cheung along with Oak Science and Technology Teacher Mr. Chris Miko.

In collaboration with Southern California Attack Robots (SCAR), a local non-profit organization renowned for hosting robot combat tournaments across Southern California, Oak Middle School’s STEM department has orchestrated a hands-on new partnership. The result is the introduction of a dynamic robotics curriculum designed to captivate and educate students on the principles of engineering and technology through the lens of combat robotics.

The highlight of this innovative new curriculum was the inaugural middle school robot combat tournament, which took place last Saturday, March 9th, at Oak Middle School. The event showcased the culmination of students’ learning and creativity in the field of robotics.
Guiding the students through this thrilling journey was none other than Martin Mason, a familiar face to Battlebots enthusiasts. Mason, renowned as both a regular on the show and a distinguished physics professor at Mt. San Antonio College, lent his expertise to the event, inspiring students and educators alike with his passion for robotics and STEM education.

The middle school robot combat tournament not only served as a platform for friendly competition but also as a celebration of innovation, teamwork, and STEM education. Participants demonstrated creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as they designed and operated their robots in the arena.

Oak Middle School looks forward to continuing its commitment to fostering curiosity and excellence in STEM education through initiatives like the robotics curriculum and the middle school robot combat tournament. Such endeavors empower students to become future leaders and innovators in the fields of robotics, engineering, and beyond.