Malachi Nelson: Star QB says “I just want to make a difference”

Los Al quarterback Malachi Nelson. Photo by Dave Peeters

By Sofia Youngs

Malachi Nelson, a current senior at Los Alamitos High School, has made his mark in the Los Alamitos and Southern California area through his football, faith, and how he views the world around him.

Throughout Nelson’s time at Los Alamitos High School, he has garnered fame and attention; following his first sports scholarship in middle school, it was clear that the footballer’s future was bright.

Nelson’s teammates remark on his optimistic attitude addressing whatever setback his teammates may encounter on and off the field with a level head, outstanding problem-solving ability, and understanding of how to make the best of any scenario due to his remarkable leadership talents.

As he begins what is expected to be a season of ultra-high visibility, one of the nation’s top quarterback prospects took a moment to reflect on what it all means to him.
“I really just want to make a difference for my team and community while I’m still [at Los Al],” Nelson said following a 41-0 win against Garces Memorial High School on Friday.

Although the game against Garces Memorial was Nelson’s first official game of his senior year, both offense and defense performed admirably despite the strong inland California heat wave. Nelson claims that he would not be where he is now without the help of God and the support of his family and teammates. Nelson addresses how he hopes to make a positive impression on viewers and anyone else watching who wants to pursue sports as a career by working hard, being dedicated, and overcoming adversity.

“Inspiring people in the stands is what I like to do,” Nelson said. Following his spectacular performance on Friday, Nelson was quickly besieged by loving admirers eager to meet with him or pose for a quick photo with the budding star. Although football has played a significant role in Nelson’s early success, he believes that staying focused on his goals is what will propel him to a star-studded career as he approaches college and, ultimately, the NFL draft after graduation.

At the age of eighteen, Nelson already appears to be on the verge of becoming a brilliant professional football player. As he completes his senior year of high school, the young man exhibits a level of maturity beyond his years, and his commitment to hard work will inevitably pay off as his career develops.

Malachi Nelson: Star QB says “I just want to make a difference”