Los Alamitos planning first ever Woman’s Conferences

File photo by Emeline Noda.

For the first time in its history, the City of Los Alamitos is planning to bring together the female population of the city for a half-day “learning session” on Oct. 12.

The conference, said Emeline Noda, will be like conferences of a longer running nature like the one in Cypress, which incidentally, is also planning its Woman’s Conference for the fall (see related story).

Noda said there is “no competition at all,” complimenting the Cypress Woman’ s Conference yet saying the city felt they wanted to do something similar.

“So the idea behind the women’s conference is to gather local women that have inspiring stories to share so that we can get everyone in the same room to meet and connect,” said Emeline Noda, the city’s Director of Recreation and Community Services said in an interview this week.

“Especially during COVID,” she said, “everybody’s kind of been disconnected a little bit and it’s been a while to have the opportunity just to come together.”

Noda said the City of Los Alamitos “Elevate” conference will be held Wed., Oct. 12, from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the city’s Community Center on Oak Street in Los Al.

Currently, said Noda, the city’s top leadership positions are both occupied by women so both Mayor Shelley Hasselbrink and Mayor Pro-tem Tanya Doby will speak at the conference.

Noda said overall, the event is “designed to bring women together who are looking to grow.”

“I think all women are looking to grow in some form, so if you’re open to any form of growth, whether it be personally or professionally, just come check it out,” she said.

Noda said the conference will offer various educational breakout sessions, offering women of all ages an opportunity to learn and grow.

With four children of her own, the Los Al city official said she wonders what will come next and believe other women do as well.

“I want to know what to look forward to, you know, at that next stage in life,” said Noda. “It’s just sort of like learning from other women not to repeat the same mistakes, or try something new and don’t be afraid.”

“Other women can teach us because we all have talents,” she said.

Following a welcome and keynote speeches from Hasselbrink and Doby, Noda said the city’s first-ever Women’s Conference will offer choices of breakout sessions, as follows:
• A woman’s guide to life’s transitions.
• Tips and tricks in the kitchen.
• Cracking the code to unlock powerful communications strategies.
• Taking control of your financial future.
• Embracing all that you are.
• Women teaching women.
• Women in non-traditional leadership roles.
• Finding support for the invisible weight/pressure we carry.
After lunch, the group will break into smaller, networking discussions and finally hear from Michelle Boos-Stone, the founder of Five Elements Consulting Group, a woman who has broken the barriers into many non-traditional barriers with Fortune 500 companies.
Noda said the cost of registration is $40 and registration is available