Los Al teacher makes quarterfinals in America’s Favorite Teacher contest

Courtesy photo Dave Barker

This is a brief update on Los Alamitos High School Teacher David Barker who has now qualified for the Quarterfinal round in the Reader’s Digest ‘America’s Favorite Teacher’ Contest.

Barker, who teaches math, pre-calculus, finite, advanced math, trigonometry, and is an advisor for the popular Los Al Live and its “Improv” show.

“I made it to quarterfinals, thanks to help from everyone. The contest continues and here is how the rest of the contest works. You have to be number 1 in each round to go one so daily votes are needed and appreciated,” he said.

Translation, even if you voted for Mr. Barker, please vote again because apparently the voting starts over for each round. Supporters can vote at www.americasfavteacher.org/2024/david-barker.
• Quarterfinals May 6 – 16th
• Semifinals May 16 – 23
• Finals May 23 – 30

“I care more about my students than the material I teach. I want them to learn the math I teach, but I want them to know I care,” he says on his contest page.