Los Al announces Halloween contest decorating winners

Los Al names Halloween contest winners.

The Los Alamitos Recreation and Community Services Department hosted its first annual Halloween Decorating Contest sponsored by Ganahl Lumber on Tuesday, October 27 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. The community was encouraged to decorate the outside of their home using Halloween decorations and festive lights.

First and second place winners were selected for each neighborhood and the contestants were awarded a sign to display in their front yard. Enjoy the decorations by visiting the award-winning houses. The Los Alamitos Recreation and Community Services Department would like to thank the contestants and wishes the community a safe, fun holiday.
Halloween Decorating Contest Winners
• College Park North
o 1st place- 3711 Holden Circle
o 2nd place- 10021 Kaylor Street
• El Dorado Park Estates East
o 1st place- 3116 Lily Avenue
• Country Square
o 1st place- 9922 Kyle Street
o 2nd place- 3871 Kinmount Street
• Greenbrook
o 1st place- 3993 Marion Avenue
o 2nd place- 3941 Myra Avenue
• Old Town East
o 1st place- 3332 Florista Street
o 2nd place- 10675 Walnut Street
• Highlands
o 1st place- 11632 Paseo Bonita
o 2nd place- 11932 Cherry Street
o 3rd place- 11712 Cherry Street
• Suburbia Estates
o 1st place- 11243 Rochelle Street
o 2nd place- 11246 Linda Way
• Old Dutch Haven
o 1st place- 11362 Pine Street
• Old Town West
o 1st place- 10672 Chestnut Street
o 2nd place- 10661 Chestnut Street
• Carrier Row
o 1st place- 11131 Ticonderoga Drive
o 2nd place- 11082 Ranger Drive
• New Dutch haven
o 1st place- 5051 Tripoli Avenue
o 2nd place- 5012 Howard Avenue
• Apartment Row
o 1st place- 4341/4343 Howard Avenue
o 2nd place- 3664 Green Avenue