LAUSD plans traditional reopen, Lions teachers honored

Looking forward to 2021-22 school year.

The Los Alamitos Unified School system is planning a traditional return to school, District Superintendent Andrew Pulver said during his report at the most recent meeting of the Board of Education.

LASUD plans “full day, five days a week in a traditional setting,” said Pulver, including recess and lunch during the day. Also, he said, pre-pandemic transportation and childcare options will return for parents.

In addition, Pulver said, the system will nearly double the mental health counselors available within the system during the next school year.

“I’m proud our board made the decision to nearly double mental health support,” said Pulver. He said the move will provide social and emotional support for students, many of whom may have a difficult time readjusting after the pandemic.

The LAUSD meeting was held before the most recent ruling by the California Department of Health mandating the wearing of facemasks, so there was no outline of pandemic-era guidance for students. The board is expected to discuss the matter at their meeting this week or in late July.

Pulver also commended many of the heroes of the 2020-21 school year, such as Heroes of the Heart, and expressed concern that because of the pandemic, the accolades and attention normally garnered by their award did not always happen.

He thanked the winners, parents and everyone involved for helping get the system through a very tough year. “You have my heartfelt thanks for your patience, understanding and support,” said Pulver.

“This is an extraordinary community of students, educators, staff, administrators and families that work together,” said Pulver. “People are the heart of our district.”

Also this week, Carrie Logue of the Los Alamitos Educational Foundation introduced various STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiatives to the board.
Finally, the board recognized the certificated teachers awarded by Seal Beach Lions Club, which has become an annual event.

They include:
Hopkinson Elementary – Sarah Lee
Lee Elementary – Wendy Cook
Los Alamitos Elementary – Wendy Perrizo
Rossmoor Elementary – Lisa Kral
Weaver Elementary – Tanyra Simundza
McGaugh elementary – Tracy Wallace
Oak Middle School – Morgan Siegman
McAulifffe Middle School – Nicole Manly
Los Al High School – Sondra Bright
District Office – Evelyn Garcia

The California Department of Health has ordered state schools to mandate face masks for students and the ENE will have an update on the LAUSD reaction next week.

LAUSD plans traditional reopen, Lions teachers honored