Betts tells Los Al Chamber to use relationships to build business

Barbara Betts

Selling in any environment is totally about relationships, Long Beach real estate professional Barbara Betts told members of the Los Alamitos Chamber on Thursday.
Chamber Chairwoman Nesi Stewart introduced Betts saying she was successful in “all things real estate, an influencer in the real estate industry and someone who impacts everyone she speaks to.”

Although her brokerage office is in Long Beach, Betts said she is routinely in and out of Los Alamitos where she shops and entertains.

Although her topic was termed “Marketing through the pandemic,” Betts said in truth, “nothing has changed. My strategy is the same,” she said.

In essence, Betts said successful marketing is all about “connecting with humans.” Many times, instead of always going out and trying to find more and more customers, businesses can achieve greater success by improving their relationships with the customers they already have.

Happy and satisfied customers, she said, will eventually “bring you more business than you can handle.”

“The greater the physical or psychological proximity between people increases the chance you’re going to form a relationship,” said Betts, adding that some of her best months in business have occurred amid the hardships of the pandemic because of her relationships.
“Relationships are recession proof,” she said, adding that her firm was enjoying their “best year ever.”

Once established, said Betts, relationships should be nurtured regularly, including sharing information with your customers on a regular basis, not just when you want them to do business.

Share everything you can about the industry you’re in or do whatever it takes to “own a piece of the mindshare” of their customers, Betts advised the group.
Tell stories to your customers, “that’s how I do it. And it works.”

“Essentially,” said Betts, “focus on the customer, not the transaction.”

And while social media helps, she advised Chamber members not overlook direct mail. According to Betts, approximately 90 percent of direct mail advertising gets opened, while only 20 percent of unsolicited emails are routinely opened.

The pandemic has created somewhat of a “fluid” situation, acknowledged Betts, as marketing does indeed need to change with the environment. Yet, while the medium, either physical or social can change, the basics of “selling by relationships” does not.
Emeline Noda, Los Alamitos Recreation Director, thanked the community and the local sponsors and participants for two recent “very successful” city events, as she invited the community to participate in the upcoming Halloween “trunk or treat” campaign, which will this year be a drive-through event.

Stewart thanked everyone for attending the virtual September event and said Manuel Gouveia of Republic Services will be “talking trash” at next month’s virtual breakfast.