Community mourning the loss of music instructor Chuck Wackerman

Chuck Wackerman with his friend, recording artist "Fergie." Courtesy photo

The Los Alamitos community, along with most of West Orange County, is mourning the loss of longtime music instructor Charles “Chuck” Wackerman, who passed away at his home in Seal Beach Saturday, Aug. 20.

He was 91-years-old.

ENE journalist David Nicholas Somlo had just recently profiled the prolific music instructor and we will present a more comprehensive story on Wackerman’s life and legacy next week.

Wackerman is survived by four children, Bob, John, Chad and Brooks, and six grandchildren.

With well over half a century spent providing musical inspiration to students K-12 in and around Orange County, Chuck Wackerman needs no introduction to Los Al Unified district residents.

His legendary musical education has, by now, touched thousands of lives by instilling in them a love for and strong work ethic around playing music.

Wackerman, who was a skilled musician in his own right, shared his musical insights with students along with superstars. For this legendary music instructor, it was truly all about the music.

Watch for a special report on the life and times of Chuck Wackerman in next week’s edition.

Community mourning the loss of music instructor Chuck Wackerman