LAUSD teacher planning committee recognized

Classrooms await students.

Throughout most of the summer, the Los Alamitos Unified School District enjoyed the service of a group of 72 teachers and administrators that volunteered their time to strategize and complie a very detailed reopening and safety plan that was recently accepted by the board.

Their service has drawn accolades from parents, board members and Supt. Andrew Pulver.
Each o the professionals served on subcommittees utilizing their expertise as LAUSD has tried to create detailed options that embraced many conceivable outcomes. They collaborated and were coordinated by Dr. Pulver and his team.
According to LAUSD, here are the professionals who participated in the TK-12 Remote Teaching/Distance Learning Committee:

Elementary Schools
Carrie Francisco, Traci Rynski, Gina Decker, Heather Fischer, Laura Trotter, Peggy Schiffer, Nadia Williams, Kristie Kuehnast, Megan Avalos, Linette Tung, Lisa Discenna, Marilyn Schefski, Stacy Schmitz

Middle Schools
Kristine Olmstead, Cory Alfaro, Wendy Hearn, Angela Acuna, Tiffani Orozco, Juliet Gardner, Brandi Amundson, Kimi Redden, Chris Miko, Caitlin Morrison, Sydnee Stewart, James Danforth, Morgan Siegmann, Lauren LaVache, Valerie Miller, Heidi Barnett, Sean Schiele, Allison Armstrong, Laura Velasco, Jenny Pagett

High School
Leslie Weber, Karen Y-Ha, Debby Brosius, Janelle Fox, Cynthia Hopkins, Kim Loggins, Lauren Helm, Kelly Rofe, Michelle Gur, Brandon Hart, Jeff Heeren, Stacey Meider, Dave Huber, Illeana Flores, Nathan Howard, Karissa Farrell

Special Education
Keri-Beth Michaels, Stacy Schmitz, Emily Dahlen, Amanda Lozolla, Nicole Manley, Jackie

Stacy Schmitz

Evelyn Garcia, Amy Coltey, Todd Schmidt, Erin Kominsky, Ryan Weiss-Wright, Chris Vlasic, Jason Farvour, Ken Lapour

Education Services/Human Resources
Ondrea Reed, Melissa Davis, Evan Grandon, Jill Kroese, Morgan Martin, Paul Chun, Dan Bennett, Grace Delk, Jerry Friedman, Joe Fraser