La Palma Council member suggestion formation of Chamber of Commerce

Council member Janet Keo Conklin. Courtesy photo

A Council member from the city of La Palma suggested Tuesday that the city needs to have a Chamber of Commerce or other organization promoting its businesses and economic development.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Council member Janet Keo Conklin said it was time to ask questions and begin organizing a local Chamber of Commerce like those in Cerritos, Los Alamitos, Cypress, and Seal Beach.

“I think it’s very important for us to support local businesses and support our residents in terms of interacting with each other,” said Conklin during Council member reports.
“So I had a conversation with a panel of business people, our city attorney, and others to see perhaps we should have our own Chamber of Commerce,” she said.

She said the city once belonged to the North Orange County Chamber, but “according to our city manager, we’re not going to renew that relationship anymore,” said Conklin.
“I was looking into maybe forming our own Chamber of Commerce for La Palma, but also interacting with the other chambers like Cerritos, Los Alamitos, etc.,” said Conklin.

Conklin said later she plans to organize a Town Hall meeting to discuss the idea as well as scheduled meetings with local businesspeople and other chamber officials to discuss the idea.

Also on Tuesday, Council member Nitesh Patel presented certificates to the female players of the John F. Kennedy High School volleyball program in honor of their recent championship effort.

“Well, Mayor Baker, thank you for giving me the honor to be able to present these certificates to the John F. Kennedy High School Volleyball team. It’s an honor for me because my daughter is on the team.”

Patel said he witnessed the action from one of the games and “I walked out of there thinking I will never mess with a girl from a varsity volleyball team.”

He cited scholarships from universities across the U.S. won by some team members. “That speaks volumes of the kind of program Kennedy has for volleyball and Coach Travis Warner.
Several other elected officials were present to also present honors and awards to the Varsity La Palma Volleyball team, including Brian O’Neal, president of the AUHSD, whom Patel said was going to recognize the team for the phenomenal job of winning the Empire League championship.

“Allow me to express our profound excitement with the girls winning the championship,” O’Neal told the team. “It takes a lot of work on their part on their coach’s part, giving them guidance