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The Weekly Crime Summary is a list of significant reported crimes and other related activities occurring in the City of Los Alamitos. A vigilant and well-informed public begets fewer targets for criminals.

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Call the police to report suspicious activity.

In the City of Los Alamitos dial: 562-594-7232 for 24-Hour Service; 911 for emergency.

Note: Hundred blocks given in place of exact address.



June 4

Traffic hazard – 7:49 a.m. – 10000 Oak St.

Caller reported a male subject on Oak, passing out pamphlets and slowing down traffic. The subject was described as a white male in his 50s, wearing a black suit and was at the exit of the roundabout. Subjects were passing out political flyers to cars as they exited the driveway. They were not physically stopping vehicles and were staying on the sidewalk. The subject and caller were counseled regarding free speech and rules pertaining to interfering with traffic flow.

Suspicious occupied vehicle – 6:01 p.m. – Florista St./Pine St.

Caller reported a black Crown Victoria vehicle facing west on Florista. The caller said the vehicle looked like an undercover vehicle, but was not sure it was legitimate. The caller reported that prior, the vehicle was racing up and down the street, yelling at people with a loud speaker to slow down, which did not appear to be something a legitimate police officer would do. Patrol was unable to locate the vehicle.



Disruptive subject – 10:04 a.m. – 8000 block of Walker St.

Caller reported a white male, wearing a red jacket with a hood, orange vest, tan pants and possibly a beard, was walking back and forth in front of the school and cussing. Patrol contacted the subject on Walker and the subject refused to talk, walking away north on Walker. Patrol continued to observe the subject and eventually detained him. The subject checked out ok and was advised about loitering in front of the school. The subject agreed to comply. A report was taken.


June 13

Assault/Battery – 9:24 a.m. – 5900 block of Fresca Dr.

Caller reported some kind of altercation and one subject who had been punched in the mouth. The subject was declining medics and the suspect was a co-worker. Patrol made contact with the manager, who had retrieved both subjects. The subject who was punched was checked for a mark on his lip and was feeling faint. He was eventually taken to La Palma Hospital for a follow-up. The attacking subject placed under arrest for a local bench warrant and battery.

Suspicious subject – 9:52 a.m. – 5100 block of Bransford Dr.

Caller reported a male subject who had walked by the caller’s residence three times in the past 40 minutes. The subject was a male black, age 20-25, wearing a green Morrisey t-shirt. He was last seen about five minutes prior to the call on Bransford. Patrol checked the area but was unable to locate the subject.

Disruptive subject – 8:56 p.m. – 5400 block of La Palma Ave.

Caller reported a female subject who was in the bathroom, screaming and scaring customers. The subject was wearing a blue shirt with writing and blue shorts. Patrol contacted the manager, who said the subject was no longer in the store. Patrol did an area check and contacted the subject on La Palma Avenue. The subject said she was experiencing pain in her right knee. Patrol contacted an ambulance, which transported the subject to La Palma Hospital.



June 11

Suspicious person—11:56 a.m.—Target on 6800 block of Katella Ave.

A female and two children had been shopping in Target for three hours, had a full cart, and they each had changed into outfits. It was found that per the manager, they were allowed to keep some of the clothing items as a donation and they all left.


June 12

Counseling—8:22 p.m.—8700 block of Watson St.

A woman felt that she and her children had been harassed by the manager of her apartment complex for the past year. The latest incident had occurred at the pool, where the manager was reportedly yelling obscenities at her and her children regarding use of the pool. The woman stated that her daughter had been affected by the behavior, and also that the manager had several surveillance cameras facing her residence and she felt uncomfortable. She intended to seek a restraining order against him. She requested counseling only at this time, and did not want to have the manager contacted.

Welfare check—10:17 p.m.—5400 block of Crescent Ave.

A woman requested a welfare check on her father, who had been sick and refusing to go to the doctor. She had not heard from him in a few days, and did not have a key. Police contacted the man through his window, and requested fire and medics, who transported him for treatment.


June 13

Suspicious occupied vehicle—9:09 p.m.—10200 Moody St.

A woman reported that a man in a vehicle had been following her daughters. He had called them by name, but they did not know him. The girls thought he was the father of someone they go to school with, and that they had met him in Arizona last year during the Fourth of July. There was no crime involved, the woman just thought it suspicious that the man had called the girls by name.


June 14

Welfare check—10:11 p.m.—4900 block of Katella

An individual was near the entrance of the Race Track, carrying a backpack with blood dripping from her thumb. The caller had asked her if she was okay, and she had responded with, “That’s a lot of blood, lady, you’d better run.” Police found her, found her to be a transient with minor cuts to her thumbs, and she denied medical assistance.


June 15

Found property—11:53 a.m.—Lawrence St.

A dog found a bone in a backyard, and the homeowner’s doctor confirmed that it was human. The homeowner went to the Police Station to report it.

Suspicious circumstances—2:29 p.m.—4800 block of Larwin Ave.

A male was trying to get into a vehicle with a slim jim. The reporting party had stopped to talk to him, and the male advised that this was his vehicle, and that he had locked his keys inside.


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